The Euclid Near Infrared Spectro-Photometer (NISP) instrument and science.

Fornari F. per il Consorzio Euclid
  Martedì 12/09   09:00 - 13:00   Aula A203   III - Astrofisica
Euclid is an ESA mission designed to explore the dark side of the Universe and to understand the nature of the dark energy responsible for the accelerated expansion of the Universe. Its objective is to map the geometry of the dark Universe by investigating the distance-redshift relationship and the evolution of cosmic structures. We present the NISP (Near Infrared Spectro-Photometer) instrument operating in the spectral region 0.9--2 $\mu$m as a photometer and spectrometer, which will allow measuring the redshifts of galaxies with an accuracy better than 0.1%. Details will be given on the Italian contributions to the NISP instrument.