Nuclear dynamics, fast emission and structural effects in the reactions ${}^{16}O+{}^{65}Cu$ and ${}^{19}F+{}^{62}Ni$ at 16 AMeV.

Mantovani G., Gramegna F., Fabris D., Cicerchia M., Marchi T., Cinausero M., Mabiala J., Degerlier M., Morelli L., Bruno M., Frosin C., D'Agostino M., Barlini S., Bini M., Pasquali G., Piantelli S., Casini G., Pastore G., Gruyer D., Ottanelli P., Valdré S., Gelli N., Olmi A., Poggi G., Vardaci E.
  Giovedì 14/09   16:00 - 19:00   Aula A208   I - Fisica nucleare e subnucleare
Nuclear structure effects in nuclear dynamics are an interesting and debated subject. The influence of structure in the behavior of nuclei during the collision has been observed and many phenomena have shown up through the anomalous production of particles and fragments in different energy regimes. In particular studying the competition between the pre-equilibrium particles and the compound nucleus evaporation products emitted in the ${}^{16}O+{}^{65}Cu$ and ${}^{19}F+{}^{62}Ni$ reactions at 16 AMeV may give information on the possible effects of cluster structure in the projectile in the following dynamics of the reactions. In this contribution we will report on the central collision results, comparing the experimental data, collected with GARFIELD+RCo apparatus at LNL, with simulations performed either with the statistical and/or dynamical codes (GEMINI, SMF+GEMINI, AMD+GEMINI, MPM).