Retrieval of the zenith wet delay using D-InSAR, GPS and radiosonde observations measurements.

Murgia F., Bignami C., Pierdicca N., Galli A.
  Giovedì 14/09   16:00 - 19:00   Aula A210   IV - Geofisica e fisica dell'ambiente
The propagation of a MW signal through the atmosphere, once it is backscattered by the Earth surface, is characterized by an additional delay introduced by the variation of the refractive index along the path travelled by the wave. The heterogeneities in the refractive index are influenced by the spatial distribution of water vapor, pressure and temperature content. These parameters describing the atmosphere condition can be retrieved by an InSAR. This work aims to retrieve the ZWD from the delay induced by the atmosphere. The results will be then compared with the geophysical products retrieved by GPS and RAOBs observations.