Accuracy of flight altitude measured with cheap GNSS, radar and barometer sensors: implications on airborne radiometric surveys.

Alberi M., Bottardi C., Baldoncini M., Chiarelli E., Mantovani F., Raptis K.G.C., Realini E., Reguzzoni M., Rossi L., Sampietro D., Strati V.
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The distribution of terrestrial radionuclides can be investigated through airborne surveys. An experimental aircraft dedicated to airborne gamma-ray spectrometry has been equipped with seven altimetric sensors: three low-cost GNSS receivers, an inertial measurement unit, a radar altimeter and two pressure and temperature sensors. With the purpose of evaluating their performances, data collected during 11695 seconds of off-shore flights are analyzed in detail. In the (35--2194) m altitude range the median value of the altitude standard deviations is 1.4 m, which implies an uncertainty smaller than 2.5% on the reconstructed radionuclides abundance at ground level.