Optimization of data acquisition and reconstruction for breast computed tomography at Elettra.

Brombal L. per la Collaborazione SYRMA-3D
  Giovedì 14/09   16:00 - 19:00   Aula A209   V - Biofisica e fisica medica
The SYRMA3D (SYnchrotron Radiation Mammography 3D) Collaboration aims to perform the world's first clinical trial of breast computed tomography with synchrotron radiation. The beamline setup allows, along with a single-photon-counting CdTe detector, to detect phase effects which enhance image contrast. A dedicated effort has been made to optimize the data workflow: a detector-specific pre-processing has been implemented, the reconstruction parameters have been properly tuned and an $ad hoc$ post-processing, which allows a 3D rendering of the imaged object, has been studied. In this communication some of the first 3D images, both of breast specimens and test phantoms, will be presented.