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Single- and multi-ion biologically optimized treatment planning with oxygen beams.

Scifoni E., Sokol O., Hild S., Tinganelli W., Durante M., Krämer
  Venerdì 15/09   09:00 - 12:00   Aula A204   V - Biofisica e fisica medica
In the recent investigations on the potential benefits of new ion beams, oxygen beams are considered, especially for their potential advantage in treating hypoxic tumors. But in order to assess their relative merits as compared to other particles, it is necessary to describe the physical and biological effects of the ions with high detail. Using our kill-painting method, allowing inverse treatment planning accounting for both RBE and OER, we present our findings on the potential use of these particles, with a special focus on hypoxic cases, both as a unique modality and in their combination with another type of ion.