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The proton charge radius and precision spectroscopy in muonic hydrogen.

Vacchi A. per la collaborazione FAMU
  Venerdì 15/09   15:30 - 18:30   Aula A208   I - Fisica nucleare e subnucleare
The $7\sigma$ discrepancy between the proton charge radius value $rc$, extracted from the Lamb shift in muonic hydrogen $\mu-p$ and the one based on $e-p$ scattering and hydrogen spectroscopy is still unexplained. New independent high-precision measurements on $\mu-p$ are needed. Our spectroscopic measurement of the hyperfine splitting (hfs) in the $1S$ state of muonic hydrogen, $\Delta Ehfs(\mu-p)1S,$ will provide the proton Zemach radius $r_{Z}$ with high precision, disentangling discordant theoretical values and it will quantify any level of discrepancy between values of $r_{Z}$ as extracted from normal and muonic hydrogen atoms leading to new information on proton structure and muon-nucleon interaction.