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LISA Pathfinder and LISA: gravitational waves from the dawn of the universe.

Vitale S.
  Lunedì 11/09   12:00 - 13:00   Aula Teatro Sociale di Trento   III - Astrofisica
LISA will inaugurate gravitational wave astronomy in the milli-Hertz range, which is not accessible from ground. This frequency range includes the most powerful and abundant sources of gravitational waves one can predict. For instance, binaries of super-massive black-holes, formed during galaxy collisions, will be detectable with signal-to-noise ratio $> 100$, out to a redshift $>20$, $i.e.$ near the dawn of the Universe. The talk will review the concept and the science potential of such a high-accuracy, deep-Universe observatory. In addition it will report on the results of the successful flight of LISA Pathfinder, which has demonstrated the free-fall of test particles with accuracy several orders of magnitudes better than anything previously achieved, even slightly better than what required by LISA . Finally the talk will briefly illustrate the development of the final observatory, which has lately undergone a significant acceleration as a consequence of LISA Pathfinder success, and will likely be in phase-A at the time of the talk.