A novel chromium-lithium ultracold Fermi mixture with 2- and 3-body resonant interactions.

Neri E., Trenkwalder A., Jag M., Inguscio M., Zaccanti M.
  Lunedì 11/09   14:30 - 18:30   Aula A224   II - Fisica della materia
We shall report on the status and perspectives of PoLiChroM, a new experimental platform for the production of a novel ultracold mixture of fermionic atoms of chromium and lithium, with which to investigate two paradigmatic although antithetic manifestations of strong interaction among fermions: exotic superfluidity and ferromagnetism. We shall discuss how the peculiar $Li/Cr$ mass ratio will allow for the first time a resonant control of 3-body elastic interactions on top of the standard 2-body ones, thanks to the presence of a $Cr$ - $Cr$ - $Li$ trimer state close to the 3-atom scattering threshold.