Observation of majorization principle for quantum algorithms via 3-D integrated photonic circuits.

Flamini F., Viggianiello N., Giordani T., Bentivegna M., Spagnolo N., Crespi A., Corielli G., Osellame R., Martin-Delgado M. A., Sciarrino F.
  Lunedì 11/09   14:30 - 18:30   Aula A224   II - Fisica della materia
The Majorization Principle is a fundamental statement ruling the dynamics of information processing in optimal and efficient quantum algorithms. The probability distribution associated to the quantum register gets ordered step by step until achieving the result of the computation. We have observed experimentally the Majorization Principle in two quantum algorithms, the quantum fast Fourier transform and a validation protocol of the genuine many-boson interference. The demonstration has been performed through integrated 3-D photonic circuits fabricated via femtosecond laser writing technique. The measured observables provide a strong indication that the Majorization Principle holds true for this wide class of quantum algorithms.