Extracting the post-merger gravitational-wave signal from binary neutron stars.

Tringali M.C. , Lazzaro C., Prodi G.A., Ciolfi R., Giacomazzo B., DI Giovanni M., Tiwari S., Vedovato G., Drago M., Salemi F., Klimenko S.
  Lunedì 11/09   14:30 - 18:30   Aula A203   III - Astrofisica
Gravitational-wave (GW) emission from a binary neutron star (BNS) coalescence carries the signature of its complex dynamics and of neutron star (NS) properties such as the equation of state (EoS). In particular, the extraction and characterization of the signal emitted in the post-merger phase by the massive NS remnant offer an opportunity to strongly constrain the behaviour of matter at supranuclear densities. Since the signal morphology cannot be accurately predicted, a model-independent analysis is necessary. We present a methodological study to perform a follow-up search for the identification and characterization of the post-merger GW emission from the BNS merger remnant.